As you probably know, Upwey-Tecoma Bowls Club has fallen victim to a vicious scam, costing them more than $100,000 in the process of rebuilding their facilities lost to damage during flooding in late 2022

The club did not escape the floods when a nearby creek broke its banks, consequently flooding and lifting their main green.

The green was covered by insurance and replaced after the completion of the busy season in April 2023.

However, they were then the victim of a scam.

The scam works with a hacker infiltrating an email account, searching out an invoice then masquerading as the legitimate business from which the original invoice came.

The invoice that the club paid for the new greens, unbeknown to them, was sent from a hacker who had altered the bank account details.

A few weeks later the contractor chased them up looking for the payment. After investigation they eventually came to the realisation, the funds of $118,000 had been misdirected and were now too late to recover.

The club has since worked with the bank and the contractor, reported the scam to the appropriate bodies, warned the wider Bowls community and invested in legal advice, but their money has gone.

They are seeking support from the wider bowls community to help them raise funds so that they can continue to provide a facility widely used by the local community. Please help their small sporting club get back on its feet.

NWBC has made the decision to help Upwey Tecoma BC  in this difficult situation, and for this it has organized “A LEG UP FOR UPWEY TECOMA”, an event to raise funds.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting 3 games of 4s, up to 32 teams.

The event will be held at the Narre Warren Bowls Club on Sunday, the 1st of October.

Everyone is welcome to attend and show their support for the club.

There will be a variety of activities, such as raffle with great prizes and also we will be having a silent auction for some amazing sporting items!

There will also be  food and drinks available for purchase.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the day and support the club.

All proceeds from the event will go directly to Upwey Tecoma Bowls Club, which will help them in this difficult time.

We are very happy to be able to offer our help, and we hope that the event will be a success.

It will be a great opportunity for all of us to come together to support a noble cause.